vodka mixed with coke

Vodka and Coke Cocktail Drink Recipe. Collection of Cocktails and mixed drinks recipes.

Free mixed Vanilla vodka alcoholic drink recipes online. Vanilla vodka drinks . A good and delicious bar mix drink recipe for Vanilla Coke, with vanilla vodka and Coca-Cola�.

What is a coke mixed with vodka called? ChaCha Answer: The only drink name I could find for a vodka coke is an "English Rootbeer." Ch.

Also the amount of Vodka mixed into the coke adds to the numbers too. Try adding 1 oz of vodka to 11 oz of coke and see if you like that. If you drink 1 per hour you .

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What are good recipes with just vodka or tequila or with both?

Find Vodka and Coke Recipe recipe in our collection of over 17000 mixed drinks, cocktails and shooters you can search alphabetically, by category, by ingredient, by occasion .

normal night in the chum. dregs of larger in this drink plus the fags and ash not forgetting the pen. wot an idoit lol.

A standard vodka and cola mixed drink contains one part vodka and four parts cola. . Super Cocktails: Vodka and Coke; Cocktails and Drinks: Skinny Bitch; Free Drink Recipes .

Calories In Vodka & Diet Coke. The calories in a vodka and Diet Coke mixed drink will depend on the brand and

vodka mixed with coke

type of vodka. Diet Coke does not add any calories to the drink . vodka mixed with coke

Frosted Coke Recipe Drink Recipe. Bartender Guide For Cocktails Vodka Drink Recipes. Frosted Coke Recipe. Martini Recipes, Mixed Drink vodka mixed with coke Recipe, Halloween Drinks, Christmas .

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What does it taste like?
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